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Thank you and keep it coming

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Thank you and keep it coming Empty Thank you and keep it coming

Post  Admin - MJo Tue Nov 17, 2009 8:40 pm

Hi everyone,

We want to thank you for making the Pyr Shep Fanciers forum such a great gathering place for people worldwide. Our goal in establishing the forum was to offer an international forum where English speaking people from around the globe could share their experience and educate one another about the petit berger. The forum has largely grown by world of mouth.

To that end, we thank everyone for making this a neutral, politics-free zone. We wish for everyone to have the right to express opinions and want members to appreciate that, in the spirit of other European forums after which this one is modeled, that our viewpoint is a worldview and our tone is one of respect. It is not necessary to "debate" issues. One can find many opportunities to do this elsewhere. These comments are NOT directed at anyone, by the way! You are all perfect. Very Happy But if ever the tone of a member should become combative, we will remove that person from the forum.

We also ask that members NOT cross post article, interviews, or other posts, including their own. We are working hard to provide a library of information to non-French speakers. There is very little information available to these people that is not anecdotal in nature. So when we can, we go to "the experts" and with their permission and MJo's translation skills, put this information on the forum. These translations are our intellectual property and as such enjoy copyright. We do not wish to see them duplicated elsewhere without permission and will enforce our copyrights.

Finally, for those of you who are native speakers of English, please avoid jargon or acronyms that might be confusing to our other members. And let us all appreciate our cultural differences and realize that while we may not always communicate with great precision, that this is not necessary. We hope members appreciate the spirit in which information is offered. This is to say we wish to offer a friendly and non-judgemental place to congregate. However, it is definitely OK to have an opinion. Very Happy

Your Administrators,

Terri and MJo and Andy

MJo Thank you and keep it coming Signat10
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Admin - MJo

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