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Welcome to PSF!

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Welcome to PSF! Empty Welcome to PSF!

Post  Terri Sun May 04, 2008 5:47 pm

We are very excited to offer this forum as a service to PS owners and interested parties from around the world. Both MJo and myself were among the very first members of what was the premier list for PS fanciers hosted by Colette and Warrick Wilson in the mid 90's.

Many lists have evolved over time. Some are the outgrowth of their breed club. Some are regional in nature and limited in topic scope. Those that offer a wider range of discussion are often difficult to search and access if the interface is not web-enabled. New bulletin board software has changed all that. Web enabled BBS offer the subscriber the opportunity to focus on the specific topics that interest them and to quickly search for information. The ability to easily share photos and video without overwhelming a member's bandwidth offers a great way to share moments of personal pride or interest.

But most of all, what we hope to offer here is a community. Ideas and thoughts on the future and welfare of the breed are welcome, as are personal vingettes and stories of life with your Pyrenean Shepherd. Performance afficionados will have a platform to discuss their passions, and everyone from novice to old hand is welcome to weigh in on whatever subject strikes their fancy. We will fine tune topics and are open to new ones. And your comments and suggestions will always be appreciated.

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